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Odineye -Anti counterfeit Solution

Anti Counterfeit Solution

Easy to integrate track and trace counterfeit solution for every brand. 

Most Robust Solution

Odineye anti-counterfeit solution is the most robust solution negating all counterfeit strategies. The solution helps identify incorrect ids, non existent ids and also the most complicated packaging duplication. Smart data analytics, customer education and dedicated implementation can reduce counterfeits to nil

Easy Integration

The solution is based on UID track and trace. It requires no special change in production or packaging. UID's generated by odineye, OR other UID's like EAN codes OR exisitent Brand UID's can be tagged. The solution can be implemented in less than an hour. No custom app or hardware, No brand piggypacking. We work as part of your team and sole aim is to reduce counterfeits. The UID's are yours to keep and we dont believe in holding our clients hostage. Easy data sharing 

Supply Chain Tracking

Track your raw material sourcing or sales channel as it moves through the complex supply network. Visual interface to see, plan and investigate

Geo Location Enabled

Track transfer of ownership of raw materials or finals goods as it passes through the value chain. Geo location enabled for accurate planningt 

Track individual or Batch items

Track manufactured goods based on tem code, batch ids, or item ids. Plan supply based on demand and inventory at retail shop

Odineye -Anti counterfeit Solution

Easy Recalls

In crisis scenarios where recalls are necessary, the solution will give instant location of products to recall making it a painless and smooth process

Geo Fencing

Add geofencing to products in scenarios where goods to be sold are region specific. Get alerts if product transaction happens outside the notified zone

Business Intelligence

Odineye solution is a treasure trove of valuable business information. Get invaluable business intelligence from your supply chain and end consumers

Agile Marketing

Understand interest levels of products by analysing consumer interaction. Get detailed infromation like location, product id, time etc. Plan instant and agile marketing strategies based on interest levels

Agile Supply Chain

Understand the in and out of the complex supply chain. Study and analyse routes, suppliers, vendors and distributors. Look for outliers, performers, channels that have piling inventory. Analyse geographies that are counterfeit prone

Agile Production

Work out production scenarios based on valuable business data. Plan demand based production based on interest levels. Odineye helps you become agile and proactive

Odineye -Anti counterfeit Solution
Odineye -Anti counterfeit Solution

Consumer Engagement

Initiate interesting communications with consumers helping them make informed purchase

Mobile Camera friendly

Using a simple mobile camera brands can initiate interesting communication with consumers. Showcase product usage, generate social media buzz, or even cross sell complimentry products. Its an interesting mix that is bound to elevate customer interaction

Informed Purchase

Odineye hels consumers make informed purchase based on our advanced analytics that will identify a product as a counterfeit enhancing brand value and trust. 

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