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Odineye is a online solution that helps brands and stakeholders identify counterfeits. the solutios is based on a robust UID platform offering host of other solutions like supply chain trackiing, Consumer enagement and a very informative and valuable business intelligence tool

Odineye is one of the most robust anticounterfeit solutions available. Ease of integration, a simple logic to target counterfeiters where it matters, backed by strong technology and analytics makes it. Proper implementation and usage of Odineye can assure a 99%+ identification of counterfeits. Even the most complex countefeit -"package and id duplication" can be identified using Odineye

Its a comnination of UID and strong backend data anlytics and advanced technologies like blockchain and ML. Brands can assign UID to the Least common item they want to track. The UID can be generated by Odineye or any other UID like EAN codes or internal UID used by brands can be used. We recommend a QR code print of this UID on each item for easy detection by end consumers. The QR code allows every stakeholder to identify fakes fighting the battle from multiple fronts. No special devices are necessary. But, if required the same IDs can also be integrated in RFID, barcodes or any other data reading format as required by the brands. 

Yes. The core of all the services is the UID and the Least common item that the brand owner decides to track. Every service from there on is built around the UID. Our solutions are extensions of a single core blockchain identitiy and strong technical data backend that we have developed. All services can be availed using a single packag. Alternatively you can also choose and pick.  

We dont! Odineye is an aplication structure with some inbuilt logic which is process and industry agnoistic. The core is to track and trace items. The process, features to track, and other addon requirements can be customized as per requirement. 

We would love to showcase our solution to you. We offer free UIDS for you to try and can also give a demonstration of our product structurte. Customization and related process is implemented after a contract is signed for a pilot?

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