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The ultimate anti-counterfeit track and trace solution with inbuilt business intelligence tool

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Need of the Hour

Global value of counterfeits is expected to rise to $3500 Billion with no robust solution. The customers are more tech and information savy, with multiple factors that impact decision making right from enviorment friendly sourcing to relaibility and quality of delivery. Odineye helps brands stay connected throught out the value chain maintaining standards and collection valuable business intelligence

Easy to Integrate

We firmly believe the best technology disruption is one which goes unntoiced and with minimal fuss. Our solution is easy to integrate, adopt and adapt. We use UID based tracking to monitor and collect valuable information. This UID can be custom generated by Odineye, Other UID format such as EAN codes or even your own internal codes. We can track them all. Start tracking in less than few hours

AI based Detection

Odineye uses advanced analaytics and AI tools to identify patterns and potential counterfeit items. Alerts of compromised ID's are raised so appropriate action can be taken by brand owners. Consumers too have an option to authenticate and make an informed purchase. Odineye anti-counterfeit is the most robust solution identifying multiple counterfeit strategies including the most complicated. "Package and ID duplication"  

Odineye -Anti counterfeit Solution

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