Blockchain Powered Brand Security

State of the art Blockchain process to protect fakes from damaging you brand. We have taken care of all the complexities and created a simple blockchain powered solution for you to eliminate any fakes that may damage your brand.



Track your goods throughout the supply chain at every station. Track transfer of ownerships, location, time. Identify potential fakes and kill items that are a threat


The product is designed such that there is minimal process disruptions. Carry our business as usual with additional security


Enhance customer interaction with your brand using free item scanner app. Allow customers to make informed decisions and identify if a product is fake.


The biggest threat to a brand is the brand itself. A known brand offers opportunities to black marketeers to insert fake goods in the chain causing not only the brand damage but also financial losses. The current solutions are either very expensive or not feasible. Odineye offers you the best solution that is feasible, easily adaptable and secure. We use a highly scalable blockchain solution adapted to support large transactions so that every good you ship can be tracked, verified or blocked. Odineye offers a simple solution to brand owners to protect their brands. It also offers customers a free solution to check authenticity of a product and be a part in this fight again fakes. The solution requires minimal changes in the current process. It does require a bit of effort from brand owners to convince their distribution partners to be actively involved so as to increase the success ratio. Contact us to know we can help ypur brand become stronger
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