Blockchain Powered Anti Counterfeit Solution For Every Brand

State of the art technology that tracks and safeguards your products from the threat of counterfeit and other fakes. An user friendly and easy to implement solution for you to eliminate any fakes that may damage your brand.



Track your goods throughout the supply chain at every station. Track transfer of ownerships, current location. Easily identify vunerable assets and block items from future transactions


Implement the solution with minimal process disruptions. Business as usual with additional security


Enhance customer interaction with your brand using free item scanner app. Allow customers to make informed decisions and identify if a product is a potential counterfeit.


The biggest threat to a brand is the brand itself. A known brand is a gold mine for counterfietetrs and with no concrete solution its a business crisis. Odineye offers state of the art scalable anti counterfeit solution that can easily be integrated in any supply chain with minimal disrptions. It is a highly scalable blockchain solution adapted to support volume transactions and product agnoistic.Contact us to know we can help ypur brand become stronger
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